~ Crafting hybrid experiences

In my artistic practice, there's a deliberate multiplicity—an oscillation between outsider art, craftsmanship, and the creation of hybrid experiences at the intersection of art and cultural participation. It's also deeply rooted in a unique connection to nature and the entirety of living beings. Influenced by ecology, queer art, and the practices of naturalism, I seek proposals that shake the foundations of our perceptions of nature and the complex interplay among species.

I particularly enjoy unfolding projects outside of traditional cultural institutions: it allows me to navigate between worlds, with diverse audiences and establish meaningful connections between individuals and their environments. My commitment lies in actively contributing to the creation of spaces that foster freedom and experimentation, within ecosystems not typically predisposed to such deviations, offering the possibility to explore alternative perspectives on the world.

My practice is a laboratory of experiences, sometimes renewed but often unique, sometimes collective, sometimes solitary. It is a momentum that evolves, enriches and transforms through experiences, iterations, and encounters.

Initiating a vision, without necessarily controlling its trajectory or finality, is a conscious, deliberate choice. It involves letting go of the notions of results and going beyond the comfort of the familiar, an act of navigating the unknown. Ultimately, it's the process itself that constitutes the final piece. The art of crafting the right proposition, one that transforms each engaged individual and reveals an unexpected orchestrated chaos, a unique weird symphony.