Chapter (5)
~ Les Abricasques

La Salamandre Festival, Morges / 2023
Biennale of Art and Architecture, Vierzon / 2022
Lake Geneva Museum, Nyon / 2022
Nouvelles Galeries of Annecy / 2022
FRAC Centre-Val de Loire, Orléans / 2022
La Fonte, Geneva / 2021

The Abricasque is a realm of multisensory experiments beckoning humans to reconnect with their surroundings. It extends an invitation to engage in contemplation and embark on a stationary journey through the senses. it offers a rare opportunity to delve into a collective interpretation and memory of a location, fostering imaginative experiences that are both poetic and aesthetically enriching.

These artistic installations serve as deliberate attempts to materialize spaces of cohabitation, protection, inspiration, and resting shelter for both human and non-human entities. Constructed from locally sourced materials intricately woven, knotted, and braided, they take on the form of vegetal bubbles.

Addressing a diverse audience, encompassing both humans and other living beings, certain structures aim to unravel the intricacies of perceptions, attractions, and repulsions experienced by animals, insects, plants, and various organisms surrounding us. Others are imbued with soundscapes, symphonies of locally collected sounds, voices, and noises to immerse us in the essence of a specific territory.

The majority of these installations are ephemeral, with a deliberate intention for them to be returned to the natural landscape. The vision is to allow non-human species to reclaim and inhabit them.

Captions (from left to right)

1 Mobile Home - Geneva (2022). / Photo credit: Elias Amari Studio.
2 Timides - Esp’Asse Foundation , Nyon (2022). / Photo credit: Studio Samuel.
3 Atelier participatif - Lake Geneva Museum, Nyon (2022).
4 La Rencontre - Biennale of Art and Architecture, Vierzon (2022).
5 The Sonic Shelter - FRAC Centre-Val de Loire, Orléans (2021).
6 Atelier urbain - Biennale of Art and Architecture, Vierzon (2022).
7/8 L’Abricabine - Nouvelles Galeries of Annecy (2022).
9 Abricasque Emile Charot - Biennale of Art and Architecture, Vierzon (2022).
10 Parenthèse multiespèces - La Fonte, Geneva (2021).
11/12 A Place to Sleep - La Salamandre Festival, Morges (2023).