Chapter (4)
~ Hybridations intimes et collectives

Les Rencontres ArTec at the Gaîté Lyrique, Paris / 2021

This artistic performance embodies a commitment to presenting creative endeavors that forge intimate connections with the audience. In the dimness of the stag and in collaboration with Ella Gouët, we curated a multisensory exploration interweaving readings, personal archive photographs, and peculiar immersive soundscapes.

The readings stemmed not only from our artistic explorations but also from letters exchanged during the writing of our thesis—a collaborative journey chronicled with four hands in the era of Covid. Beyond the individual processes of creation, we shared life experiences, recounting thoughts and events that punctuate our daily lives. From the loss of loved ones to childhood memories, traversing the landscapes of uprootedness and lost paradises, weaving a narrative spanning across Senegal, Indonesia, Italy, Switzerland, and France.
At the end of the performance, we invited the audience to write a letter to a stranger in the room. These letters were then randomly redistributed, and some were read aloud. A suspended and whimsical moment, oscillating between heartfelt declarations and unexpected secrets.