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~ Balade en écologie queer

Agenda 21 service of the city of Geneva / 2024

As part of the May 17, 2024 campaign initiated by the Agenda 21 service of the city of Geneva and in collaboration with Virginie Thurre, founder of Echappées Randonnées, we have designed and guided a series of urban poetic walks to explore the living world through the experiences of outsiders and queer people.

Queer ecology is an ecological perspective that draws upon the unique ability of LGBTQIA+ artists, researchers, and activists, to think from the margins and to build new narratives capable of addressing the urgent challenges of climate change.
Queer ecology transcends queer identities, inviting us to find inspiration in the resilience of weeds and goby fishes. Nature is queer by essence and we are nature.

Uncover hidden narratives.

Leave alternative imprints in urban spaces.

Explore with love.

Perform collective rituals.

Coexist with all creatures.

Key thinkers, artists and references that have shaped the journey:

Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, who started the Ecosexual movement.
The artist Derek Jarman, his writings, Prospect cottage and its garden.
Vita Sackville-West and her book Journal de mon jardin.
Mary Oliver, her poem Wild Geese.
Joshua Jennifer Espinoza, with the poem 
The Moon is Trans.
Timothy Morton, “Guest Column: Queer Ecology”, PMLA.
Matthew Gandy and his book Écologie queer nature, sexualité et hétérotopie.
Catriona Sandilands, “Natures mélancoliques, écologies queer”, Magazine Trou Noir.
Paola Serafin, “Ici reposent nos”, Magazine Censored n°6 “Living in a fantasy world“.
Magazine 1001 Cosmos n°2 “La Mort est-elle écologique ?”.