Pascale de Senarclens
Crafting hybrid experiences

Photo credit: Elias Amari

Ateliers Vivants, a series of performative workshops with the public
- Museum of Ethnography of Geneva (Switzerland).

A Place to Sleep, an installation created as part of La Salamandre Festival Beausobre Theater, Morges (Switzerland).

Three-month artistic residency at the Agricultural High School of Beaune-La-Rolande (France).

L’Abricabine, an installation co-created with the artist Nathan Willerval and the public as part of the Bozar, Bazar, Bizar project
- The Nouvelles Galeries, Annecy (France).

La Rencontre
, an ephemeral installation created as part of the Biennial of Art and Architecture -
Frac Centre-Val de Loire, Vierzon (France).

Au fil du Léman, an installation and participatory workshop at the Off Festival Energy Transition Symposium of Grand Geneva - Musée du Leman, Nyon (Switzerland).

The Sonic Shelter, as part of the exhibition Paysages du design, les créatrices au cœur du Domaine de Boisbuchet - Frac Centre-Val de Loire, Orléans (France).

2019 - 2021
Creation as a Research Activity, Master ArTec
- University Paris 8 & University Paris Nanterre (France).

2013 - 2014
Certificate of advanced studies in biographical approaches: learning biographical storytelling methodologies and how to guide life stories workshops - Fribourg University (Switzerland).

2012 - 2021
Founder and director of Bloom and Boom
an activist and feminist association -
Geneva (Switzerland).

I grew up at the foot of the Swiss Jura, surrounded by a captivating enchanting nature. This childhood, occasionally solitary, led me to perceive the forest as an extension of my family, and the diverse forms of life as roommates. This universe, populated by countless details, mostly invisible to others, molded my imagination, shaping my understanding of life, and continues to deeply influence my work today.  

After a somewhat tumultuous educational journey, I explored the professional world, from publishing to film festivals, from human resources to professional integration or education, looking for something more, something that would truly make sense. In 2012, I founded a feminist association that shaped a part of who I am as an artist. Since then, I have remained dedicated to issues related to gender and certain oppressive social norms perpetuated by our society.

Today, my life is a constellation of various projects, particularly artistic ones, which share the common goal of offering alternative ways to experience and collaborate within the same territory. This is my understanding of Social practice.

Atelier 009 - 20 route de L’Etraz, 1260 Nyon (Switzerland)